About Me

I’m an LinkedIn sales, marketing strategist, entrepreneur and mindset expert. I work with ambitious consultants, coaches who’re on a mission to change the world, want to build authority in their space and get consistent $10k+ per month without being overwhelmed by learning how to attract highly paying clients from LinkedIn

My style of working with my clients & students is very unique, as I look at wealth creation as something that comes from within us. Who we are and what we believe about ourselves determines our success in business and life?

In 2 years, I grown my business from 5 to 6 figure business and successfully helped several ambitious onlinepreneurs get breakthrough in online space.

Changing the way, you see about yourself and the world will help change the narratives in your business and life. The moment I stopped following everyone and turned inward, that’s the moment my business made expansion and scaled online and still growing.

This has not been always the case — my story wasn’t an easy ride. It had a lot of road blocks, endless night cries and very lonely journey.
Like you, me and many others, I’ve hit the ceiling in the corporate ladder, after realizing the ladder isn’t bring enough challenge or impact onto my bigger purpose in life. I persuade in creating something more meaningful and challenging.

I needed a growth not only financially, but mentally and spiritually, which meant I had to change myself.

The good news is that I did quit my 9-5 job, I did create online/offline consultant, coaching and training business, which is meaningful and challenging and been doing it for the past 2 year, but it has been a journey of loneliness, with full of roller coaster, inconsistent and struggle. I would succeed some months, another 2-3 months struggle or get stuck. As being overachiever by nature, this hasn’t been a favourable trait. #NOTFUNATALL
I would hustle a lot, try different methods and strategies, change target audience, follow different gurus in the online who’re giving no real strategies nor real support, and the end I would go in circles & circles. It would overwhelm me on consistent bases, which was making me to overloading like computer drive over usage and at the end get shutdown. This would lead to procrastinating everything just to avoid going through all this. Talk about focus.

One day, I stopped everything that I’ve been doing, re-evaluated my business and realised that I need to focus on a single thing (LinkedIn), and decided devote on developing my inner lion. After months of figurative and literal grinding, I began to attract high-paying, fearless action-takers and overachiever by nature worldwide.

Clients began to seek me out, I became consistent on my revenue, and before I knew it, I had created a business that generates leads ON CONSISTENT BASES on autopilot and 6 figure

All of this happened because:

I became focused and stopped following too many people advices. I went ALL in on one thing. And I refused to settle, until I got the results I needed
If you’re reading this, it means that you’re no doubt similar to me: an overachiever by nature, a go getter, an action-taker, and you don’t give up easily, who wants to achieve their dream no matter what.

That’s why I made my mission to helping you achieve it and cross to the other side. It’s the time for you to SHINE, and build your meaningful business so you can do impact on the world with your skills as I’m doing right now for you.

I helped for so many years fortune 500 to make more money, when they really didn’t need me as much as you do. You can do more with these tools that I hold to help you build your dream and get away from overlewd and being stuck feeling like hamster in the wheel.
So, what are you WAITING for!

Let’s Do The Damn Thing