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SUBI Bootcamp

SUBI Bootcamp




1. Are you planning to start your online business?

2. Are you frustrated by not knowing where to start?

3. Are you looking for someone to take you by your hand and walk you through step by step the process?

If you’ve answered yes to any above questions, then this program is defiantly for you. I understand what you’re going through. I’ve been where you’re now. For this reason, this program came to life.

SUBI – Bootcamp

Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to go online, SUBI-Bootcamp will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to give you 100% results and the key to unlocking the secret to building a successful online business. This program will turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose. Especially; it’s perfect for those who have no idea where to start. It gives you the turnkeys to fully functional online business with a website made for you, fully automated sales funnel made for you,1-1 coaching, all templates that you ever might need, the strategies, methods ,and the practical part of running your business with the community like-minded. The only thing that you will not get from this program is someone to run the business for you.

SUBI-Bootcamp training contains 3 sessions per week, with each session having 3 modules: featuring live and easy-to-follow live videos, ready-done-for your templates, resource lists, tools, website design, and exercises. All of the training is online inside a private, BI-Bootcamp member-only site. Students can view recap training videos at the end of each week, connect with others, and compare notes with classmates.

SUBI-Bootcamp also includes a Group mastermind session which is held once a month. The session is an interactive component where member’s students get to share their challenges or their plans with the group members and get feedback, and Hodan offers strategic advice to ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Plus, you’re a member of SUBI-Bootcamp; you get access to tons of resources like self-help audios such as clearing your money limitations and shifting your mindset, etc.

Imagine this for a moment and tell me how it sounds to you:

… No more paying web designers, copywriters, digital marketing agency, and shoddy consultants thousands of dollars..

… No more wasting your own precious time trying to figure out everything.

… No more mediocre results.

I’ll share a proven strategies & methods that is held secret by many real “Gurus” which unlock the full potential of your online business, and my system plus dedicated team who are building your sales funnel, your website, and CRM tool which helps to capture your leads and accountant tool that manages your all finances, all are ready for you to use.

SUBI Bootcamp Crushes the Competition

Although BI- Bootcamp is the only one in the market, it’s the best.


Because this offer will be difficult for you to find in the market, an online program that teaches you step by step everything that you need to succeed in the online space with a team that is ready to support your business with all the templates that will boost your sales as well coach who is ready to support you in your entrepreneur journey and have a community like-minded.

My competitors don’t offer even half of what you will get from this program.

Imagine having such support when starting your online business with everything you might ever need in one place, Isn’t it a great deal?

All for less than the cost in the market, for example, if you were to start your online business successfully on your own, it would probably cost you a fortune, here are some examples, what would you need to start your business:

A good web designer would cost you a minimum of $ 3000
– A good copywriter would cost you a minimum of $2000 for a one sales letter
– Digital marketing would cost you to get a result, a minimum of $3000 in a month, not mentioning paid ads.
– Getting your business tools would cost you a minimum of $2000 a month
– Not mentioning the countless error and trails that you might go through for getting the right strategies to take your business to an online. The list can just keep going..

We are giving all the above for less

Starting your business and running it requires clear vision and the ability to drive the road ahead of you with clear eyes.

Without a step-by-step roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming and you could easily give up before starting and that’s what we don’t want happening. Right?

SUBI- Bootcamp can fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error. We’ve already helped several entrepreneurs across 40 countries in different industries and generate $70M and we’d be honored to work with you too.

Whether you want to take your existing company to online, or you’re just starting your business, SUBI will help you:

  • Clarity that you need for your business
  • Align your business vision with your personal values
  • Know your unique strengths
  • Grow your sales and profits
  • Define a unique, brand that is magnet
  • Get better conversions
  • Build loyal customers that are you brand advocates
  • Charge what you’re worth
  • Become Purpose-driven entrepreneur 
  • Learn proven marketing and strategies
  • Become a tech-savvy

SUBBI- Bootcamp is intensive and challenging. There are no silver bullets, simple formulas or guaranteed results.

To own a successful business requires extensive focus, determination, and tenacity. Additionally, it needs persistence, consistent action taking and an agreement with yourself to be in the game for long time. There is no short cut in business and results come when you are committed.

SUBI-Bootcamp is for doers and change makers who want to leave legacy behind that generation to come are talking about or making example of.

Hodan is the best sales coach under the sun. She has her heart in your success. I took her three-week course on how to make your first online sale and it changed my perspective completely of the sales world. The course had a lot of detail on how to initiate and convert a sale. It covered on doing market research, creating an avatar which helps in identifying your target audience in detail, The course also covered personal branding and it went on to cover how to utilize social media for the value of your business. It definitely has incredible results it helped me focus more on my targeted audience and since I applied her tactics I have gotten innumerable leads. Powerful, experienced, result-oriented teacher. Truly a sales Genius!!!

Mark Alex Global Managing Director – RBD

Woohoo! Now everything is Online: No transportation, No sitting in rooms, No need to worry about travelling into different country as everything is on your computer 

You can participate from anywhere that you are as the whole program is via online.

All course materials, including streaming video, exercise sheets, tools, zoom sessions and additional resources are within our online member portal.


SUBI-Bootcamp trainings contains 3 sessions per week, with each week having 1 module covered: featuring live and easy-to-follow live videos, ready-done-for you templates, resource lists, tools, website design, coaching, mastermind and exercises. All of the training is online inside a private, BI-Bootcamp member only site. Students can view recap training videos at the end of each week, connect with others, and compare notes with classmates.

BI-Bootcamp also includes a mastermind session which is held once a month. The session is an interactive component where member students get to share their challenges or their plans with the group members and get feedback, and Hodan offers strategic advice to ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Timing of the Program

We run this program twice a year and therefore, we encourage you to register as early as possible because we take limited seats in every time that we open the program. We don’t want you to wait for half year to join the next group. 

There are twelve core Modules in the BI- Bootcamp curriculum, and we release one Module per week. Each Module contains 3 individual live zoom videos lessons plus recap videos as well corresponded exercise Sheets (growth assignments and handouts) to help you integrate and apply what you learn to your business. There are also self-development recordings that will help you align yourself with what you want from your life and business.

Here’s How Much Time You’ll Need

We recommend between 5-7 hours per week to participate in the live sessions, complete your exercises and — if you’d like — engage with our Mentors and the community.

Naturally, what we have seen working is effort that you put in the program the more results that you will get out of the program. BI- Bootcamp is made so that it eases your journey, but it requires a dedication and focus in order to get the results that you are looking for. Don’t worry you still get the recaps videos, if you have missed any sessions.

You’ll Get Guidance, Support & Community

If you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re in over your head with your small business — we can help. Once you join BI-Bootcamp, you’ll have guidance and support from like-minded creative’s in a safe and encouraging environment.


The Core Curriculum

There are 12 core learning Modules, plus a comprehensive library of bonus trainings, advanced trainings and master classes to help you develop the skills to build a sustainable business. Here’s our exact curriculum so you can make sure the program is right for you.

Module1 Clarity for your business

Every incredible business is built on clear vision and strong foundation. In this Module, you’ll get deeper on your vision and goals, get better clarity how to make money from your idea, get sharp clear with your ideal customers, get strategies that is unique for your business to connect with your ideal customer and set yourself apart from the competition.

During this module, we’ll work on your brand positioning, bring out the power of your uniqueness and articulate your brand story in a way that resonates with the audience you serve. By the end of this Module, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation for a unique and profitable business that genuinely makes a difference.

Module 2 Create Product & Service that is irresistible to your customer

The most important to a evergreen sales machine, long-term business is knowing to how to create loyal customers that are follow you everywhere and talk about you. In this Module, you’ll learn a simple method to find out exactly what your customers really want and how to position your offering to maximize sales.

Module 3 Build your email list and grow it

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies for any business — and yet most misunderstood in today’s marketing. You’ll also learn the right (and wrong) way to connect with your ideal customers and how to map out a smart and strategic way to grow your audience.

Module 4 Content creation & Modern communication

Content marketing is a must in today’s world. Plus, it’s a proven strategy to generate ongoing traffic, build trust and increase sales. In this Module, you’ll develop a strategic and achievable plan to stay connected to your audience, get your content seen on highest search and your offerings.

Module 5 Marketing Black belt

Marketing and sales are the backbone of any sustainable business. Unfortunately, too many incredible entrepreneurs have a negative association with it and get easily overwhelmed by all the “chaotic of internet” and not sure what tricks to follow and which ones are working as everything is changing consistently. In this Module, you’ll get black belt is learning the principles and strategies of what we call the new era marketing (Screen Age): how to influence and inspire sales with integrity and transparency. Once you understand the real psychology of sales, it doesn’t matter how technology or platforms change — you’ll thrive.

Module 6 Intuitive selling 101

In this module, we’ll take you through the Intuitive selling 101 level. This’ll help you to develop a systematic process and sales methodology that’ll allow you to connect deeper with your customers, when you get on the phone. It’ll enable you to develop the competency it needs for optimal performance in your sales.

The end goal is to take you to next level by learning how to:

✓Get the mindset to work on the virtual space and operate from distance.

✓Generate leads from Online and take prospect through a sales funnel.

✓Build an effective Bond and rapport with prospects and customers to facilitate business interactions

✓Learning the psychology behind buyer behavior and level the playing field by effectively preparing for your sales meetings and sales interactions with prospects and customers

✓Having a specific system of qualifying or disqualifying each prospective business opportunity

✓Getting the ability to learn to interact with your prospects and viewing yourself as business partner during the sales interaction

✓Getting a thorough understanding of your prospect typical decision-making process, during covid-19

✓Getting good at handling covid-19 objections

Module 7 Sales Funnel automations

Based on your sales funnel for your online, is what makes business successful or give its bit fall. In this module, we’ll learn how to create a best sales funnel that works for your niche and strategies that can help you convert your leads to chasing you customers.

You’ll get different formulas and methods that will help you build magnet sales funnel that takes your customer from being skeptical to seeing you as their hero.

Module 8 Build website that converts

Website isn’t nice to have, it’s must have in today’s world and era. Additionally, It’s the one salesperson that you can’t afford being in a sleep. It’s your best, unpaid salesperson — working 24/7 to build trust, grow your audience and elegantly convert browsers into buyers and raving fan customers. When building your website, you should have in mind SEO, Traffic, CTA, etc. In this Module, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make sure your website generating sales while you’re sleeping

Module 9 Copywriting for; Sales letter, Opt-in, Emails and gain authority

Copywriting is one of the most key elements in marketing. Learning how to write effectively and from the heart is the key to making the income and impact you deserve.  And being able to write good copy is one of the most important skills you can learn — especially if you plan to share your ideas, voice and creations with the world. The best part is that you don’t have to figure this out by yourself. And, you can write in a way that’s powerful, persuasive and 100% YOU.

In this module, you’ll learn how to write great and persuasive sales letters, great Opt-in and emails.

Module 10-Web Design & Automations (technical learning)

It’s a well-known fact that in this day and age you need some form of online presence in order to build trust among your target market, but having a website is not just putting together a collection of pictures and text. The website has to be both practical and aesthetic. That’s why in this module we will cover the following: Web Design, Email Automation with Getresponse, Celendly, and Survey Tools

Then once you’ve a website, the next step is to get a flood of people to come and see what you are offering. How you do that is by generating traffic from the various free (organic) and paid traffic Sources, and we’re going to cover the most popular sources like: Traffic Sources, FB, Twitter, IG, YouTube, LinkedIn,

Okay, Great now you’ve a website you’ve generated a ton of leads and you’re now wondering how do I know how much to spend on advertising, or who are the best people to sell my product/service to, well don’t fret, we’ll show you how to use these powerful advertising and analytics tools to help you advertise smarter and measure your investment returns. Ads & Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Twitter Ads

Module 11-Marketing Tools

You’ve a working plan to execute, and you now have start to build your audience, so to keep them engaged you need to remain visible. We’ll show you how to keep the conversation about your brand going so that you can maintain a brand image that’s people friendly. And this can be achieved using a number of tools which include but is not limited to: Social Media Management Tools-Hootsuite/Buffer, Canva, SEO Content Machine, Video Tools such as Filmora,

Module 12-Business Tools

Ask any thriving business out there about their business processes and they will tell you, the key to smooth operations is a good system. We’ll show you how to use contact management (CRM) and Accounting tool that will help you manage your leads and customers, plus your income and expenses in a painless and way. We’ll cover CRM, Accounting & Finance, Integration to third party apps

That’s not all

One of the biggest challenges any entrepreneur has in their early journeys on becoming entrepreneurial is not knowing how to create a converting website. Even, when they hire developers to built for them website, they struggle with getting a converting or lead magnet websites. I’ve personally seen so many websites that aren’t easy to penetrate. When you get on their website, you get easily lost in the website.

At the end of this program, you’ll get website design made for you, your sales funnel automation is made for you, you’ll get templets that’ll help you build emails, opt-ins, sales letters and you’ll get also business tools that are built in your website and more.

If you have a passion for something and you are looking to share with the world and monetize from it, then this course would be your best chance in making it happen

Start- Up SUBI Bootcamp is super easy-to-start.

… BI- Bootcamp is super friendly for you, even if you have never been online before.

… BI- Bootcamp is for you, even if you aren’t Tech-Savvy.

… BI- Bootcamp is for you, even if you are scared of going online.

The FASTEST Way to Increase Sales

Most people limit themselves by believing that good results take a long time. While it can work that way, it doesn’t have to. Not when your marketing arsenal includes the secret sales formulas of the best marketing team in the biz.

Think about it…

What if youapplied the systems and strategies that I’m going to teach you during the course, combined automation made for you with a website that captures leads that converts, don’t you think, this will give you mind bowling results that you couldn’t imagine ever could happen.

Having the templates that you need to convert your prospects to clients, just think about, if you could apply all of these that you will get from the course, you could see an immediate increase in sales.

In just 60 days applying your learning’s, you could see an immediate increase in sales. Not in 6 months. Not in a year. Not in 5 years..

Some of my clients have seen results in their first 2 weeks, using their learning.

Some got immediately after applying their learning have got an invitation to feature their products on different TVs, magazines, etc.

Imagine What It Would Be Like To…

  • For your business, if you could get such results immediately, rather than waiting for years of endless struggle with no results.
  • To login to your Facebook account and see you have 1,000+ new followers, and are waiting to get your service or products.
  • To experience jaw-dropping sales without putting in tons of money
  • To work from anywhere in the world or what about afford those high-end items you’ve been dreaming of–things like own home, a vacation in an exotic location, while you’re doing what you love.
  • To see your business, succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You can have all of these things with SUBI-Bootcamp.

How Do I Know SUBI- Bootcamp Works?

• Email open rates quadrupled

• Sales were 2X, 3X, and sometimes even 4X higher

• I practically doubled the number of contacts in my email list

• My social media followers grew by 35%

That’s why I love SUBI- Bootcamp.

Why are you going to love Start-Up SUBI Bootcamp? You’ll:

  • Drive your business from within and purposefully
  • Save hours spent searching what to do and how to start your online business
  • Put an end to throwing money to professionals and so-so online courses that give you mediocre results
  • Create a product or service that sells, using some of the world-class proven strategies and formulas used by multimillion corporations and influencers.
  • Make marketing your business EASY by eliminating a tedious, time-consuming task
  • You attract new, highly-motivated-to-buy customers

Read why this is great, but don’t just take my word for it.

I had a passion but didn’t know how to convert this passion into money. Hodan helped me step by step very patiently on how to do B2B, cold calling, ways to grow my email list, and how to market my company on social media. Especially now in this situation during COVID-19, I almost gave up on my tourism business and traveled back to Germany. She helped me to reinvent an idea on how I can keep my passion for supporting women and girls in Kenya and still make money online even without international tourists physically traveling to Kenya. Apart from the fact that I know now how to convert the world to a client very confidently, she made me never give up on my true passion. Thank you so much, Hodan. I highly recommend her.

–TravelWithSinja – CEO

I saw Hodan talking about her course on Facebook at the time, I didn’t know how to get clients from online as my business was struggling and I couldn’t able to move my stock of goods. At first, I was hesitant of joining her course, but she made me realize that if I don’t try something right now, I would get out of business. It has been one of my great decisions that I have ever made. I have started moving all my goods and I have started doubling my sales. After, I have applied her strategies. My products have been featured on different TVs, Magazines.  I am grateful for her teachings. Besides, Hodan is a very comfortable person, very supportive, and encouraging. You should try a business course with her. Her teaching techniques are very unique and can be easily followed. The best part is she makes the session so lively and fun. God bless.

–Fatima Din – CEO

I have taken Hodan Course because I was having a passion for dancing. I wanted to make out of it a business that would sustain itself. As Covid-19 hit all of us, I didn’t really know how to reach or get my clients to reach me. The online was familiar, but I didn’t know where to start and how structure my business. I have seen Hodan course and It was a great course as it gave me the structure that I was looking for and direction that I should take. Hodan has a unique and accurate way of approaching her customers’ topics. Her way of coaching is pleasant and professional with a high level! She truly wants to help her customers and has valuable strategies for different cases. I warmly recommend her course!

Anastasia Susi Salsa Dancer and Teacher – CEO

With SUBI – Bootcamp, you’ll Get:

• An online course that gives you Step by step guide how to start your online business with results in less than 90 days in the easiest way

• You will get killer sales and marketing strategies that are the world-class

• Personal 1-1 coaching with a highly qualified coach

• A personal website designer who is dedicated to helping you create a lead magnet website

• An automated sales funnel that is pre-set for you and convincing Facebook ads to increase your online sales

• Business tools that are integrated with your website, social media, and email

• 3 super-persuasive sales letters that will COMPEL YOUR CUSTOMERS TO BUY and Customized bullet points that will sell the amazing benefits of your brand

• Sequential emails that will get customers super-excited about your product or services

SUBI- Bootcamp

It’s an UNBELIEVABLE Bargain!

If you had to pay a consultant to write a business plan, it would cost more than $2000.

If you had to pay a coach for sessions to work on your mindset, it would cost more than $3000.

If you had to pay a digital marketing agency to work on your social media, it would cost more than $5000.

If you had to pay your website designer who has in mind SSO, traffic, User experience, lead generation, and conversion, it would cost over $3,000, you get the drift, I guess 🙂

At least, you would end up paying more than $20,000.

We’ve made SUBI-Bootcamp to be available for a fraction of that.

And you’re getting an incredible value:

– You’re getting an incredible value: – A minimum of $10,000 worth of professional, custom copywriting templates – Interactive group session live videos equivalent to $5,000 worth of business coaching, website build for you worth of $4,000, 1-1 coaching worth $ 5000, personalized sales funnel building for you worth $3000,etc.

– Plus, you’re a member of SUBI-Bootcamp, you get access tons of resources like self-help audios such as clearing your money limitations and shifting your mindset, etc.

But because that’s worth at least $20,000... I want you to succeed in this busy space of the internet and start making living from what you love doing;

I’m offering it for the low price of just $1999.

Payment will be deducted from your credit card or Paypal account automatically and you’ll be emailed a receipt from PayPal.

Buy SUBI- Bootcamp Today

Sales are the name of the game. Naturally, you want more of them. You’ve probably turned to advertise, coach, online course, endless tutorials to help.

Typically, that means one of two things:

1. Either you paid a lot of money to professionals to help you with no results,


2. After many hours spent staring in frustration at your computer, you try to do yourself. Whichever option you chose, it certainly wasn’t worth the time or money. Leaving you back where you started…knowing that great online business means higher sales, but not knowing how to create great one easily and cheaply.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Now you’ve got everything in one package ready for you and in one place.

Great deal, isn’t it?

Let me tell you a little about my story,

I’m Hodan Mohamed, founder of SUBI- Bootcamp, and once I was in the same boat, you’re in. I was an Online Start-up business owner who wanted higher sales, but I didn’t know how to create ads, attract my ideal customers, build great traffic source, didn’t have a great website that capture leads that convert, nor knowing how to build sales funnel that got results nor I did know how to write content that would resonate with my audience. Although I knew I could hire a professional copywriter, they charge $2,000+ for just one sales letter or website developer who is charging fortune with digital agency, etc.

That would cut into any profits I made. I realized that if I wanted to double or triple my sales (without paying ridiculous sums of money to a writer), I’d need to learn everything there is to know about setting up the secret key to unlocking Online World. So, that’s what I did. I read dozens of books, listened to tons of podcasts, and spent hours on the Internet, learning secret sales writing formulas from the gurus in the market and the secret strategies and formulas that top online multimillionaire was using and combining with my 15 years of sales & marketing experience.

Things like …how to get a prospect’s attention and keep it …which strategies the professionals use to formulate their sales pitches …what mysterious psychological tactics will make customers buy …essentially, how to sell ice to an Eskimo, real Don Draper stuff… Then, I took all the secret tips, tricks, and applied on my business, after seeing the results I have to create SUBI- Bootcamp with a creative team of website designers and copywriters, etc.

Who is this for?

  • 9-5 individuals that are looking to transition to self-employment, and want to start their coaching, consultant, advisor, experts, professional service providers, information products/course creators
  • Businesses that are just starting their online business
  • If you want to grow your business to a minimum of $2,000 – 5,000 per month
  • You want a consistent stream of qualified ‘ready-to-buy’ leads coming into your business  every day
  • If you offer something of value that genuinely helps people
  • If you’re committed and ready to invest in your business

Who this is NOT for?

  • This isn’t for not serious people
  • People who are after free things
  • People who like bouncing around to the next “shiny object”
  • People who don’t want to build business that’s meaningful
  • People who are afraid to make a decision, take action and follow-through on making their dream a reality.
  • Anyone not serious about growing their business 7 figure per year

Don’t Delay!

Buy SUBI BootcampToday

Stand out from the crowd, don’t be left out!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Because I know you’re going to love SUBI Boo tamp, I’m offering a risk-free guarantee. If, you’re not completely satisfied with it in the first 30 days I’ll refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked. Because I know you are going to love it. I am happy to give this guarantee.

Pay once $1999 and access Start-Up SUBI Bootcamp

… I know you don’t want to continue trying to figure out all these on your own.

… I know you don’t want to continue spending hours looking at YouTube tutorials or free giveaways or different courses that are giving you mediocre results or half of the information and not showing you how you could immediately start generating ready to buy customers and build sustainable business.

… I know you don’t want to continue worrying about finding a job or where you going to get your next rent and whether you should compete in a market that is so noisy.

… I know you don’t want to continue wondering what it’s going to take to experience a BIG BOOST in sales

… I know you don’t want to continue feeling disappointed every time you look at your number of social media followers

… I know you don’t want to continue settling for less business success than you’re capable of

Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

It would be if you couldn’t do anything to change it

Fortunately, you can.

By making a small investment in SUBI- Bootcamp today, you can experience the difference between stagnant sales and mind-blowing sales.

By investing in yourself, you get to experience the freedom that you always wanted and doing what you always dreamt about.

By making just little investment in growing your skills and building your dream business, you get to experience the difference between frustration and excitement in seeing your client’s face, when buying your products or services

Try Start-up SUBI Bootcamp and discover the difference for yourself!

Buy SUBI Bootcamp Today


Hodan Mohamed

Creator of SUBI Bootcamp

PS It’s a simple fact. If you want a successful online business that generating consistent leads that are converting, you need to pay a lot to professionals.

In SUBI- Bootcamp will help you achieve all that in no time — easily, expertly, and inexpensively. You’ll get a business online course, technical teachings, a website made for you, sales funnel made for you. Additionally, you’ll get several templates, emails, and ads written using proven copywriting formulas, risk-free.